Access "your VLE" you are following along with below (don't forget to "remix" this project so you can edit it).

The following web pages we will use as stepping stones for this workshop follow, with the "Finishing Touches" quickly adding some more advanced functionality to create a nicer effect.

Also, please note that sound does not always play well with Firefox. Chrome seems to wortk best with WebXR content at this time.

  1. Geometry and Materials
  2. Loading Assets
  3. Loading an External Component
  4. Adding 3D Models
  5. Adding Text
  6. Adding to Environment
  7. Adding Light and Shadow
  8. Adding a Camera
  9. Adding Sound
  10. Adding Basic Interactions and Some Animations
  11. Adding a Custom Component
  12. Adding a 'User Gesture' button to allow ambient sound to play
  13. Finishing Touches
Further reading: